Monthly Archives: November 2016

Clovelly …


Photographed a Heartfelt session today. Still can’t understand how this world works sometimes. Cleared my head with a walk around the beaches.

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Amelia + Grace …


Freckles, friendship, smiles and sparkles. The perfect combination to photograph.

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Harrison …


Soft baby kisses. Priceless.

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Blue …


Excited to be selected as a finalist in the Camera House competition with the theme BLUE. Thanks Max for being such a patient and water logged model.

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Reflecting …


The theme for this month’s SMH Clique competition was ‘landscapes + weather’. Not really a genre I’m too keen on, but this was my entry.

“My husband grew up holidaying on the coast at Manning Point. His father taught him the myriad connections between the wind and tides and seasons. He knows how to catch a fish, fillet a fish, dig for worms and drive a 4WD on the beach … all learnt at his father’s side. Now my husband has become the one to pass on this knowledge to the next generation.”

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Shooting stars …


Even though I’ve finished shooting the Christmas mini-sessions, I’m still finding a whole lot of sparkles throughout the house.

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Seeing double …


I never stood a chance in telling these guys apart during their photo shoot. Identical twins and dressed the same. Hopefully their mother has it worked out!

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Louis …


If the conversation with young boys turns to Lego, you can be guaranteed a dreamy smile and lots of detailed discussion about their Christmas wishlist.

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Happiness …


School holidays and Christmas are getting closer each day. What’s not to smile about?

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Amelia …


Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight.

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Surprise …


A surprise photo shoot to celebrate a 50 year wedding anniversary. I think the biggest surprise was that all 22 members of the family were able to be in the one place and looking so fabulous at 8am on a Sunday morning. I think the trick to it was having a school teacher in charge of logistics!

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Sage …


What’s not to love about gummy smiles? Plenty on offer for this afternoon’s shoot.

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