Monthly Archives: March 2022

Parker Kate …

Learning early that relaxing in a bubble bath is a perfectly acceptable way to spend your morning.
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Kris …

Celebrating a birthday in style last weekend with a surprise party organised by her family and friends. So great to be able to capture photos of all her favourite people together again.

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Theo …

May be an image of person, child, sitting and standing

Just saying, there might have been a little bit of chocolate bribery used to get Theo to wear the aviator’s hat. It is the method of last resort, but always 100% effective.
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Luna …

6 months old and she has perfected the lost art of relaxing on a Sunday morning.

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Blind bowls …

An absolute delight to follow my 91 year old neighbour Vera to her weekly vision impaired bowling group. An avid group of bowlers enjoying some sunshine, company and exercise. And what a gorgeous support crew of carers, instructors … and the ever watchful labradors.

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Extended family sessions …

After such a long time with border closures and isolation, it’s wonderful to be booking so many family sessions where all the generations can finally get together.
And for Glenys, a leap of faith moving from Canada to Australia to marry Frank 45 years ago, has surely paid dividends.
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Matt + Amanda’s 120th …

Two 50th birthdays and a 20 year wedding anniversary. Couldn’t have picked a more gorgeous afternoon for family and friends to get together to celebrate this triple milestone in style.

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Snug …

Everyone getting used to the new family dynamic.

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Hello Lyla …

Well, it took us a while waiting for the rain to stop so we could head to the beach, but we finally made it this afternoon for some photos. Sweet Lyla at 4 months old ❤️.

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