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Flying high …

Kahlani checking out the view from her new vantage point.

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Daddy’s girl …

I love working with families and capturing those quiet moments they share. It was pretty obvious that Korah’s heart is firmly set on her dad.

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Happy days …

Amanda Naylor Photography boy at beach-1

Seriously. This is 5 days before the start of winter. Not a bad spot to be using up the excess energy from a day at school.

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Four generations …

Amanda Naylor Photography piano and child-1

Very special to be asked to photograph four generations of girls from the one family, spanning eight decades. So many framed photos around the house, capturing the moments and people across this timeframe. Love seeing family history on display.

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Decisions, decisions …

Amanda Naylor Photography Dee Why Point

The guys working out the safest time to jump off the rocks and paddle out.

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What SUP?

Big surf hitting the coast this morning and a guy on his Stand Up Paddle board took a chance going straight over the top.

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Jo …

Amanda Naylor Photography Jo Farrant-2

Delighted to meet Jo yesterday and see her in action. Her job looks like a combination of horse-whisperer, yoga teacher and masseuse. Her eager assistants were very keen on keeping a close watch on the horses.

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Jasper …

Amanda Naylor Photography Jo Farrant-7

Lovely to catch up with my girlfriend Wendy yesterday. In her element looking after her horses. I had to laugh when she said “I was impressed that you didn’t flinch at a 600kg horse galloping to you”. I know so little about horses, I didn’t even know I should be scared in that situation!

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Summer …

My niece is a ballerina and spends much of her time with her hair strictly under control … combed, pinned, sprayed and set tightly in place. Lovely to see her gorgeous locks out enjoying some freedom.

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Vale Lorna …

Amanda Naylor Photography elderly woman-1

I was privileged to meet and photograph Lorna last year when she was a sprightly 105 years old. Saddened to hear of her passing yesterday. But what an incredible age to reach.

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Mother’s Day …

Amanda Naylor Photography pregnant mother

I am lucky to be able to photograph so many beautiful mums as part of my job. When I think of my own journey of motherhood, this remains one of my favourite images. Taken shortly before becoming a mum for the second time.

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Shadows …

I took this photo at the Australian Open of Surfing at Manly Beach and always loved the clean lines of the image and the sharp shadows of the onlookers. It was just selected as a finalist in the Camera House competition with the theme SHADOWS. Cool.

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