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Sky high …


Had the delightful opportunity to photography blipper Isbi’s grandchildren today. With four children under the age of seven, the parents are definitely kept on their toes.

Polite, energetic and just gorgeous, the parents (and grandparents no doubt) have done a marvellous job raising these beautiful children.

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Red dog …


Anyone want to play? Anyone?

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Baking …


To finish off a birthday dinner for my husband, my sons baked soft-centered chocolate puddings. A quarter of the mixture was gone before it made it into the pots, and their enthusiasm for cooking dropped considerably when it came time to clean up.

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So pleased to see such a wonderful turnout for the ANZAC Dawn Service at Dee Why Beach this morning. As the sun rose, this little girl placed her handmade poppies in the sand.

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Annie …


I’m trying to practice ‘loosening up’ my photography style sometimes and having images that are not so controlled. Capturing the light and the moment. This is Annie in the afternoon light.

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Harbour tableau …


Attended another great SMH Clique presentation, this time with Fairfax photographer Nick Moir who had some incredible weather photos to share. Also guest storm chaser Jimmy Deguara who showed some video footage that was shot within 1km of the huge 2013 Oklahoma tornado that ended up taking the lives of four storm chasers.

Afterwards we ventured out into slightly milder weather conditions, braving some light drizzle on the harbour on our way to Cockatoo Island to photograph the Sydney Biennale.

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The storyteller …


Love having visits from my neighbour in the holidays. He brought some books over, and despite not being at school yet, he will read me his version of what the books might say. His storytelling is done with great gusto, hilarity and exaggeration.

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Watermelon …


The kids are making the most of the great school holiday weather and spent the day snorkelling and swimming around Manly with friends. Sustenance provided by the good Aussie staples of lamingtons and watermelon.

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Men in uniform …


Attended another excellent SMH Clique workshop today, with Fairfax photographer Wolter Peeters talking us through his portfolio. I’ve added a link to a short video he made while flying upside down over Sydney with the Air Force Roulettes. Never seems to be a boring day in the office for these guys.

Walked through the city and caught some of the service for the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Crete. Some of the guys from HMAS Kuttabul holding their own in the sharp dressed stakes outside the Armani store.

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Zane …


Having spent the best part of the week with 8 families, I’ve been spoilt with having so many gorgeous portrait opportunities. I’ve watched most of the children grow from 5 to 15 years old, and have been documenting the changes each year when we go away on holidays.

I met Zane when he arrived at Kindergarten on the first day, and he is now a strapping 6ft4 teenager. He is a direct reflection of both his parents … strong, fit, healthy, TALL, well mannered, intelligent, caring and with an acute sense of social responsibility. I imagine he will find his niche in the world and make a difference.

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My fisherman …


My husband has been coming to this beach on holidays since he was a young boy. He watched his dad dig for worms, bait hooks, watch the tides and understand where the fish would be and what would lure them onto the hook. His dad was a wonderful and patient teacher, so it’s lovely to watch my husband share this knowledge with the next generation.

This place is where I see the greatest connection for him between all the elements, and where he can put in place the lessons his dad taught him. I love him even more when I see such a strong connection to what made him the man he has become.

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Green …


We moved to another coastal town for the second part of our holiday today and checked into our new accommodation. I walked into the bathroom to use the toilet …. my family found me shortly after, screaming and hiding in the bathtub. This guy was hiding in the toilet bowl. Hello and welcome.

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