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Fine print …


Even wearing his strongest glasses, our cat still finds it difficult to understand a word that is written.

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Easter …


My 8 year old nephew enjoying the spoils of Easter morning, despite discovering the cold, hard facts about how the eggs appeared in his bedroom overnight. At least he had a lot of chocolate to console him.

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Summer …


Spent the weekend with family up on the lake and made the most of the sunshine and warm weather. Four cousins exhausting themselves being towed around behind the boat (while I was trying not to think of the shark we saw last time we were out on the lake).




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Juliette …


A mum to three young children, working part-time and running her own business, Juliette definitely has her hands full. Spent a delightful morning with her taking some head shots for the new website she is developing for her business.

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Port Arthur …

Port Arthur panorama-1

Made my first visit to Port Arthur today, the old convict settlement that was established back in 1830. Beautiful grounds, informative tour guides and a mix of restored buildings give you a feel for the layers of history.

However, foremost in my mind was the heartbreaking events of the massacre where 35 people were killed on the site. Next month will be the 20 year anniversary. I found myself in tears a few times during the day, just remembering the stories I had read about the shocking and senseless loss of life.

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Salty …

boat ropes-1

Back in Hobart and went down early in the morning to Constitution Dock, hoping to photograph a salty old sea dog, preparing to take his fishing trawler out to sea.

Apparently they have a sleep-in on Sundays … so I’ve got the ropes instead.

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Sunrise …

Lighthouse sunrise-1

Took an almost childish delight in sleeping so close to the lighthouse …. waking throughout the night and checking the light was still turning. Out of bed early to scramble over the rocks in the darkness, waiting for the sunrise. It felt like I was a character from one of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five adventures.

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Tasmania …

Lighthouse sunset-1

With my eldest brother living in Tasmania for over 20 years, we thought it was high time for a visit. We flew into Hobart this morning and have driven to the very top of the island and are spending the night in the lighthouse keeper’s cottage at Low Head.

A stunning sunset …. captured by all.

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Up close & personal …


I recently bought a macro lens and I think we are going to be firm friends. Loving the ‘nowhere to hide’ capacity of this lens.

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Model material …




Went into Sydney last night to watch Missy Higgins perform under the Big Top on the closing night of the Spectrum Now festival. Such a strong voice and great range of vocals, combined with her relaxed, self-effacing humour made it feel like a very intimate concert by an old friend.

This shot is of my husband (6ft 3), facing off against one of the billboard models as we walked past all the closed department stores on the way to the concert.

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Weekend …


Although we have officially left Summer, the blue skies and hot weather show no signs of leaving. Our neighbour, Rowan, making the most of the conditions with his second surf of the day.

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Vices …


For a group of suburban mothers, our vices are pretty tame. Once every few months, we meet up for a card night.

Not that it ever has much to do with actually playing cards … the focus is more on champagne, gossip, cheese and chocolate. At about 11pm someone remembers to bring out the pack of cards and we have all forgotten the rules since last time we met. I think our average is about 2 rounds in 5 hours.

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