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Avery …


Love a girl that turns up on your doorstep with a ready smile and a bag full of delightful dresses.

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Tobey …


I find that being behind the camera affords me such a great privilege to document changes in children over time. Such a noticeable difference in maturity since last year when I photographed Tobey. I’m torn between wanting to keep him exactly as he is today, but also keen to see where his wise and inquisitive nature takes him next.

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Archer …


Lovely to meet so many local families and get the opportunity to photograph all these gorgeous children during the Christmas mini-sessions.

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3 times the limit …


This is the moment that the three brothers reached their tolerance threshold for having their photo taken. This one probably won’t make the cut for the Christmas card.

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Star bright …


Thanks George for coming to visit and brightening my morning with your curiosity.

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Chloe and Josh …


Love capturing siblings together, as the dynamic is constantly shifting. This is what it looks like at aged 7+6.

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Lachlan …


So, did Santa send you guys?

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Sharp …


I’ve had some pretty sharp dressed men come in for photo shoots, but I think Luka is definitely the most dapper. Turning 1 only a few days ago, he has his Gatsby look sorted.

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Paul Kelly …


Who else can hold a concert in a church and only sing songs played at funerals? We sat on church pews and watched reverently as Paul Kelly and Charlie Owen kicked off their ‘Death’s Dateless Night’ tour. Tributes to Leonard Cohen, mixed with some of his own back catalogue, a pure delight to the senses.

A photo I took last year of Paul at the Taronga Twilight concert.

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Johnny …


I’ve photographed Johnny a couple of times over the last one and a half years, and am always delighted by his perfect manners and inquisitive nature. With his mum due to give birth in the next month, there is going to be an extra special surprise under the tree this year!

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Amelie …


Having two older brothers means you get the monopoly on the angel wings.

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Polishing the brass for Army Cadets tonight.


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