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Serenity …

Amanda Naylor Photography snorkelling-1

My son enjoying that moment of complete calm before you need to head back to the surface.

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Camilla …

Amanda Naylor Photography woman's portrait 2017

Watching Camilla on holidays can be exhausting … the 10km run, the steep bush hikes down to secluded beaches … though she did keep still long enough for me to capture her with the beautiful light and stillness of Wallis Lake.

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SMH competition …

Amanda Naylor Photography Vera-1

Excited to have my image of Vera shortlisted for The SMH competition with the theme of ‘Rites + Rituals’. If you are interested in seeing the other shortlisted entries (and the winner) you can click on here. My photo is the B+W one of Vera in her Salvation Army uniform. Voting is only for Clique members. SMH gallery

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Amanda Naylor Photography ANZAC Day 2017-2

Honoured to be able to watch the march through the city today and was moved to see so much emotion shown by those in the parade, and those supporting along the route.

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Numbers game …

Amanda Naylor Photography beach

8 families. 38 people. 10 years of going away together each Easter. Priceless memories and such a wonderful sense of belonging.

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Vera …

Amanda Naylor Photography Vera-1

My gorgeous neighbour has been part of The Salvation Army for the last 56 years. Each week she attends church, a craft group, home league, physio and her exercise group. In her spare time, she crochets blankets, scarves and hats for the homeless, and those in need. She also showed me all the Christmas gifts she has already wrapped for various charities. A humble and beautifully impressive woman.

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My family …

Amanda Naylor Photography Fiji underwater-1

My favourite photo from our holiday in Fiji … and I didn’t even take it! Thanks to my husband for capturing this photo of my children and I while on a snorkelling trip.

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Twins …

Amanda Naylor Photography twins cake smash-4

I think I just witnessed the most strenuous, exhausting and underpaid job today. Being the mum of twins. Photographed Alice + Juliette for their first birthday and it was hilarious to watch us trying to wrangle them to stay in front of the camera. This is my favourite outtake.

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Be alert, not alarmed …

Amanda Naylor Photography male headshot-1

I was at Roseville train station yesterday doing some headshots and photos for a website and seemed to cause a bit of a security alert. Walking around with my long lens and taking photos, not one, but four, staff came over to question me. Was I a terrorist? Was I working undercover for Sydney Trains? Who had sent me? What was in my backpack? Luckily they decided Tim and I were pretty low risk.

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Gertie + Rose …

Gertie and Rose-1


I have partnered with the wonderfully creative Louise who makes gorgeous children’s clothes through her business Gertie and Rose. She is custom making a selection of outfits that will be available for children to wear for my Cake Smash sessions. You can check out her website for beautiful children’s clothing, craft accessories and soft homewares …

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Lachlan …

Amanda Naylor Photography cake smash-1-3

Giving a one year old complete freedom with his own cake is always going to be a whole lot of fun and mess. Love shooting cake smash sessions!

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Bridal dance …

Amanda Naylor Photography wedding B+W-1

With the formalities done and the wedding party in full swing outside, Aimee and Rob snuck indoors to share their first dance as a married couple.

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