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Avalon …


Sydney’s last day of Summer. What better way to say farewell, then a visit to the beautiful Avalon Beach. Only awkward part was when this couple looked into the cave and saw me lurking in there with a big camera aimed at them.

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Paddle …


Another hard day in the office …. sigh.

Spent the morning as one of the photographers for the Bridge to Beach race,  an 11km open water paddling event that starts under the Harbour Bridge and ends at Manly Wharf. I must admit, the sun reflecting off all those chiseled abs often made it difficult to focus.

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My backyard …


Like Alice through the looking glass, but with a decidedly more suburban outlook.

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Rosie …


Freckles. They get me reaching for my camera every time. Parents work very hard to prevent sun damage, but I adore the look of freckles and the character they give to a face.

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Finalist …

SMH Clique Finalist

I’m very excited and just had to share this. My photo of Vera (my regular swimwear model to grace my blip journal) was selected today as a finalist in the Fairfax Portraiture Competition. A slideshow of 17 images (the winner, highly commended and finalists) are appearing in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age newspapers.

It is also up for the Nikon People’s Choice Awards (but only Fairfax Clique members can vote). Vera is so excited, and said that all the friends in her exercise class are wanting to see her swimwear modelling portfolio. I have found my role model for ageing.

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Moonlight swim …




The water temperature in the ocean has been spectacular, so combined a night swim with some photos of the full moon rising. On evenings like this I can’t believe that Summer officially ends in 6 days.

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Annie …


As parents, it’s always interesting to move through different stages. With two teenagers in the house, we have now become providers of those things deemed necessary for survival …. food, wi-fi and lifts. It’s good to be needed.

With 7 teenagers wandering through the house at various times today, it was easy picking for a blip.

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Clique …


Now that’s my kind of day. Attended a portraiture workshop through the SMH Clique Association. 8 SMH photographers presented a selection of their work and spoke about the stories behind each photo. Such strong and iconic images, it was great to get an insight from behind the scenes. Then an afternoon of workshops with individual photographers, all very generous with their ideas and knowledge.

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In the swim …




Our neighbour trying out his new goggles today.

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Flying fins …


Sitting on the rocks at Shelley Beach at Manly this morning watching the surfers. One guy paddled out wearing a helmet. Wise choice.

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Wet …


A big southerly swell has produced some massive waves, so I spent some time at Dee Why beach this afternoon photographing the surfers. These swimmers were making the most of the waves that swept through the pool. I don’t think I would be putting that much faith in a thin metal railing to keep me safe from those waves.

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Life of vice …




Walked around Sydney’s new harbour foreshore park, Barangaroo, today. It was so quiet and new, it felt like I was in an architect’s sketch of what it was going to look like. I kept on looking around me in case I had wandered into an out of bounds area and was going to be hauled out by security guards. Maybe I will let it settle and grow, then come back for another look.

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