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Smash + splash …

Amanda Naylor Photography cake smash July 2016-1

What’s not to love about Louis? He worked his way up to the cake smash, delicately eating the polka dots off the icing one by one, until he realised there was cake underneath. Then a soak in the tub … three times, as he wasn’t keen on getting his clothes back on!

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B+W …

Amanda Naylor Photography Sydney 2016-13

On a Black + White bender exploring the city yesterday. Makes you seek out contrast, texture, light and shadows and see Sydney stripped of its usual bright blue skies.

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Lessons …


My 13 year old son had developed what had been affectionately known as a ‘dirty mo’. Time for an intervention and some life lessons from Dad.

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Pair …



Spotted these guys out for a morning walk along the edge of the lagoon. One looks a little keener then the other.

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Family …


Over the years I’ve tried many different genres of photography …. landscape photography generally bores me to tears, street photography excites and terrifies me in equals measures, but after a session like today, I know my heart lies in family and children’s photography. Love working with families and capturing this fleeting moment in their life.

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Ready, steady …


Go. Making the most of the school holidays, regardless of how cold the water is.

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Into the light …


On such a cold and windy day, people were being drawn towards the very last of the sun’s rays.

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Manly …


Serious men’s business, as spotted from the walkway near the Manly surf club.

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Orange …


On a cold Sunday morning, the centre of town was the perfect mix of deserted wide streets and old buildings filled with character. Much to the surprise of our children, the streets also proved to be a great hunting ground for Pokemon GO.

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Blue …


Swapped the blue of the ocean for the blue of the mountains. Looking over the clouds below the Three Sisters always feels a little like flying.


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It’s a numbers game …

Amanda Naylor SOUTH CURLY 7 July 2016-6

Some children out making their own fun on a rainy school holiday.

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Smiles …

Amanda Naylor Photography July 2016 FB-8

Lots of great smiles captured on Saturday at the Election Day markets with nearly 300 photos taken at my stand.

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