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Samantha + Mitch …

Lovely to spend an afternoon in the sunshine with you, celebrating your engagement 💕.

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Vera …

I have been so fortunate to have Vera as my neighbour, and over the last 9 years we’ve had such fun collaborating on shoots. And at 93, she is still completely rocking her job as my in-house bikini model. She keeps fit by walking laps around her house and I know not to interrupt her because she is counting the laps and trying to improve on her speed. She even has a bag still packed with her cossie, goggles and her body surfing hand plane. Life goals 💕

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Behind the scenes …

So much fun this afternoon with Vera, my gorgeous 93 year old neighbour. She does’t hesitate when I say “I’ve bought you this great cossie today that matches your swim cap, want to come over for a poolside shoot?” This is my son Max, making sure she doesn’t go jumping into the pool 💕.
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