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40 degrees …

It’s crazy hot out there today. Hope you are managing to keep cool.

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Sienna …

I loved everything about working with the dancers from Raw Performing Arts on the weekend. The girls were so enthusiastic, that even as the sun had almost set, they kept leaping and jumping, enjoying the freedom of dancing on the sand.

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Macy …

Another dancer from Friday’s shoot with the girls from Raw Performing Arts. They made every move look so effortless.

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Australia Day …

North Curl Curl. From where you’d rather be.

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Amy …

Got to spend a wonderful afternoon capturing some photos of the dancers from Raw Performing Arts. A great mix of grace and athleticism in all of the girls. Great fun using the coastal backdrops at North Curl Curl

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Family sessions …

I love getting families outdoors and giving the children space to explore and have some fun. Then capturing those moments when they come back for cuddles with their parents.

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Birth photography …

To be asked to photograph a mother giving birth is such an amazing honour and privilege. The intensity of emotion, drama, love and magic had me on a high for days. I watched Bel show incredible strength and calmness in equal measure as she delivered William in a water birth. He is now a gorgeous, curly haired little boy running around with his big brother, but capturing him entering the world is still so vivid an experience for me to reflect on.

I just came across this article from a competition for birth photography. So well worth a look as there are some striking images from talented photographers. Click here to view  ….  Competition entries

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Max …

Goodness me, I do love this boy of mine. My son has been away on a promotions course with the army cadets all week. We thought he would be doing it tough with the 40+ degree days in full uniform, but they had access to a soft serve ice cream machine. They should mention that in their recruitment drives.

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Gabi + Luke’s wedding …

More photos are available on my website under the new  Weddings tab


Wedding dress    Luv Bridal
Hair + Makeup   Nichole Lee
Venue     RMYC Broken Bay
Celebrant     Maria Nizeti
Band     Lily Road
Videographer    Ben Douneen

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Conrad …

With three hungry brothers standing close by, Conrad made sure he didn’t leave anything to chance. It was his birthday cake. All his.

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Family …

Our eldest child turned 18 over the holidays and it really hit home how quickly the journey of parenthood can be.

This is why I love getting outdoors with families and capturing the stage they are currently at. Shannon + Ben have two gorgeous young boys, and there was an equal mix of high energy and slow cuddles during our shoot.

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Reading …

Lazy afternoons and a good novel. The perfect combination. Hope you have been managing to get through some new books, or even revisit some old favourites these holidays.

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