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Neighbours …


When we moved into a house in Copacabana, we were so fortunate to have the most lovely neighbours. I taught their young sons to gargle jelly, undoubtedly a valuable life skill for them both.

Despite living in different cities, and often different countries, over the intervening 26 years, the friendship has remained strong, and I know I could always rely on them … and not just for a bowl of sugar.

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Palm Beach …


With holiday house rentals being snapped up over the Christmas period for between $15,000 – $40,000/week ….. Palm Beach is THE place to be if you have serious cash.

Luckily for us, you can also pack the esky and head up for the day for a picnic and a surf, all for the cheery price of $10 for a 4 hour park. Hello $ummer!

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Manly Beach …


Guilty of indulging in my favourite time waster today …. the Roll World App. A walk down to Shelley Beach, where my husband and son went snorkelling, happily telling me about the 5 foot wobbegong shark they swam over.

With only little teeth and a preference for napping on the ocean floor, these sharks usually don’t bother tasting those snorkelling past.

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Muscles …


Our neighbours came in for a water bomb fight this morning, and this one was very keen to show me his muscles. When I brought out the camera he told me to wait, as he wanted to make them bigger, so he ran home to get his brother’s weights.

Serious guns for a 4 year old.

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Solitary …


Between the big Christmas breakfast and the big Christmas lunch, we took a walk down at Manly Beach in a vague attempt at working up an appetite and creating space for more food. The beach was covered in groups of families and friends, all celebrating in the sunshine.

This guy was enjoying the serenity of being alone. Even went to the effort of wearing his festive red cossies.

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Family …


What’s not to love about having family come to visit at Christmas? Especially when you have gorgeous nieces and nephews all dressed up and perfect to photograph!

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Birthday …


Handing over the camera to be the subject of this morning’s blip while being treated to a birthday breakfast with my family. I can tell I’m getting older, as my dimples get a little deeper with each year that passes.

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Solo Christmas Party …



I’ve discovered the one downside of starting your own business and working for yourself …. there is nobody to fund and organise a lavish Christmas party. So, tonight I held the inaugural ‘Amanda Naylor Photography’ work Christmas party.

The website developer, the finance team, the marketing consultant, the HR department and the photographer. Luckily we were all able to fit in the bathtub for a long soak and a few glasses of well deserved champagne.


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Spikes in silhouette …


A black tie event for our family tonight at an iconic Sydney venue, so thought I would definitely get a photo of us all at our shiny best. As always, it’s the very last photo of the night that makes it onto blip. A¬†midnight silhouette of my son on our way back to the car.

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Silver …


Only 8 more sleeps until Christmas!

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Looking to the future …


A brief moment of calm as some friends contemplate the end of primary school and consider what lays beyond.

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Festive mohawks …


In the 1980’s, my eldest brother used to have a mohawk and listen to hardcore punk music. I’m living through it a second time, with my son rocking a green mohawk and listening to a wide range of music, as long as it’s LOUD. I think I get some cred for knowing the lyrics to some Dead Kennedy’s music, but am obviously not allowed to sing along in the car!

His friend from school came over for a swim today, and obviously I’m not the only mother enduring the mohawk stage.

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