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Lane …


Coming full circle. My son had the most extraordinary teacher when he was at primary school …. passionate, enthusiastic, engaged and always at the forefront of technology. It was always about giving the children the most powerful education.

Delighted to photograph her three grown children today, who have all embraced these traits, and added their own strengths. Lane is about to embark on her own higher education, and her eldest daughter also featured in an earlier blip.

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I’m out …


Doesn’t every family have one of these Christmas photos? Someone just doesn’t want to be there. Not interested. Better things to be doing. Especially when you are 17 months old and don’t have time to be sitting around smiling.

Maybe next year?

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Stars in her eyes …


I’ve been having great fun with some Christmas shoots but tend to find stars and sparkles all over the house for days. There are worse problems to have.

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Snap …


The tables were turned during a shoot held in the backyard today.

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Layne …


I was taking photos down at Manly Beach this morning and watched a woman come out of the surf. I watched her walk up the beach and was struck with how confident, fit and happy she looked. She had such a presence that I actually asked if I could take her photo.

Slightly embarrassed to get home and load my photos onto the computer and realise that it was Layne Beachley …. 7 time world surfing champion! No wonder she looked confident walking out of the surf.

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Thinking …


Late afternoon light at the beach … what’s not to love?

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Army cadets …


My son had his Presentation Day for Army Cadets … a very serious occasion with a  pipe band in full regalia and lots of saluting and marching. I had to work hard at suppressing a laugh as I kept seeing parallels with the Monty Python skit of the Ministry of Silly Walks.

This is my son, taking it a lot more seriously than his mother.

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Manly Beach …

photo 1

With today being renamed  ‘Fryday’ as the weather in Sydney hits a scorching 40+ degrees, the only place to be was Manly Beach. This woman had carved out a little piece of shade, when her solitude was broken by a group of school children having a surf lesson in front of her.

Apologies for using the RollWorld App again …. but it’s a little addictive.

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New friends …

Amanda Naylor 2015-1

My neighbour had the wonderful idea of taking a picnic lunch down the beach today, so we escaped the scorching heat by hanging out in the ocean pool.

I see why women go walking with their dogs … they surely do attract all the cutest boys!

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Johnny …


Isn’t it always the way? The delightful Johnny came over for a photo shoot today and my favourite image is when he was eating a well-earned snack after the shoot finished.

As a newly minted two year old, he is inquisitive, playful and has the most splendid manners. His mum does such an impressive job in explaining everything to him, and he has a wonderful vocabulary to show for it.

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Spin …


Under grey skies, Manly Beach was looking a little flat, so I decided the only way to rescue things was with a bit of trickery. I discovered the Rollworld app and now I’m in danger of not getting any jobs done at all.

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Florence …


Sydney harbour is a pretty cool venue for a gig …. Florence and the Machine playing an outdoor concert on the steps of the Sydney Opera House last night. She is such a passionate, engaged performer and the music was incredible.

Even hours of torrential rain didn’t really dampen the mood of the crowd, just made us very colourful in a sea of plastic ponchos.

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