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Afternoon tea …



Looking down onto the floors below in the Queen Victoria Building today. Nice to see the couple on the bottom right having eye contact and holding hands. The poor solo diners only have their mobile phone for company.

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Dejected …


A cracker of a day in Sydney … blue skies, light breeze and bright sunshine … except to the dismay of this surfer, the beach was closed. Oh well, that means he probably has to head back to the office.


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Noel …


Noel is my 91 year old neighbour who has featured on my blip pages before with his wife Vera. So glad to see him smiling when I visited them today. A few weeks ago he was feeling down and weary. He told me his life had always been busy and he had been surrounded by people (in his spare time he was a scout master, volunteered in the marine rescue, was a member of the surf club and is still active in the Salvation Army). He confessed he was lonely, as everyone else was now busy in their own lives and didn’t have the time to sit down for a chat.

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Double …


Well it’s been a day of double exposure …. I photographed three different sets of twins today. These absolutely delightful sisters were just so natural together and completely calm in front of the camera. I could easily photograph them every day.

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Bubbles …


Love the squeals of excitement when you combine bubbles, sunshine and toddlers. This is my little neighbour, Oli, who is at that delightful age where everything is an adventure and life is better when you are running around fast.

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Sea anemones …


My mother collected these shells from a beach during her travels around Australia and I have managed to keep them safe and unbroken for over 15 years. Their design is so intricate and detailed, not bad for a toxic-harpooning creature of the deep.

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Margaret …


Some days I struggle with approaching strangers and walk away thinking of all the things I could have said to approach them and ask for a photo. Some days it just seems the most natural thing in the world to approach a stranger, have a conversation and take their portrait. It is usually such a rewarding experience when I do.

I met the delightful Margaret today as she was swimming laps in the pool near Manly Beach. We spoke about travel, photography, coastal walks and the importance of friendships. She travelled alone to Italy last year to celebrate her 85th birthday, and cheekily told me that all women should go to Italy at least once because the men give you so much attention and make you feel very feminine. La Dolce Vita indeed.

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DY Framed …


It only took us 10 months to get around to it, but my friend and I finally got to ride on the track around Narrabeen Lagoon. The track met all my criteria for an enjoyable bike ride …. it was flat.

A 20km round trip necessitated a stop over at Dee Why Beach for lunch and coffee. Well, any excuse really.

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Santa’s helper …


Playing around with some Christmas props and lights this afternoon, trying out some ideas for session backdrops. Our cat was quite intrigued by the reindeer moving in on his turf, and was determined to be part of the festivities.

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Eat …


Well, we have just endured a sleepover with 7 boys to celebrate my son’s 13th birthday. This is one of his friends at one of the many food breaks. We decided that the best survival strategy was to just keep feeding them whenever they emerged from the pool.

We are now officially parents to two teenagers. Breathe deep, hold on, and see you at the other end.

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Bronte blue …


An absolutely stunning Spring day in Sydney …. perfect for the coastal walk south of Bondi Beach. Next week the ‘Sculpture by the Sea’ starts and you cannot get on the path for love nor money. Got to see a sneak peek anyway as they were installing the sculptures and putting together all the finishing touches.

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Orchid …


A friend recently gave me some beautiful orchids …. and I’m always relieved when I can keep something alive. I am not at all known for my gardening prowess.

We grew up on a few acres and my mother banned me from the ride-on lawn mower because I caused such wide scale destruction. It’s been downhill ever since.

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