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Nanny state …


After living in the US and seeing what everyone gets away with there, it’s quite amusing to see how over-regulated Australia has become in an effort to keep us safe.

Manly Harbour used to be home to an outrageous ‘Wonder Pool’ with big wheels, slides and a diving platform where you could test your courage. Now these signs are plastered all over the wharf to discourage anything so death-defying as diving into the water.

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Night waves …


I’ll just call this ‘too little, too late’.

Wasn’t aware of the full moon until my husband arrived home from work and told me to grab my camera and jump in the car as the full moon was rising. Maybe next time I will be better prepared.

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Mother love …


One of the reasons I love photography is to capture families. They are always in a state of flux, with children growing rapidly and the dynamic always changing. Welcoming babies, watching toddlers explore, guiding children to reach their potential, then teenagers finding their independence.

It was intriguing today to photograph three children from the one family, each with such a strong resemblance to both parents …. but in different percentages. Lovely to get the chance to capture this stage.

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Home …


Just picked up my son from 8 days at an army cadets camp in the bush. Despite the shocking weather, and sleeping outdoors in the rain, he had a huge adventure and seems to have grown considerably. The good thing about being a boy and not having your mother around, you can get away with having only one shower and wearing the same pair of socks for the entire week.

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Wave runner …


Some huge swell again today, and the only surfers tackling the waves were fit, strong and reckless. This guy doing his best to ride out the mess of whitewater back to the beach.

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Wipeout …


Some huge swells on the coast today, and the surfers are out making the most of the mayhem. Luckily for this guy, he had his exit strategy in place.

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Puppy love …


It comes as a surprise when you have seen a young girl growing up, then realise she has become a woman while you were not watching. Almost 21, and with a whole new world at her feet, she was radiating confidence and beauty today in front of the camera.

Oh, and she brought along a pretty adorable sidekick as well.

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Long Reef …


A spectacular morning, and so lovely to spend it with a very dear friend. A long walk, a big dose of sunshine, and a good coffee. It is a priceless gift to have a friend that knows you so well, will listen carefully as you voice your fears, and will stand beside you and offer unquestioning support. I am grateful.

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Lane 2 …


A long coastal walk early this morning, and delighted to see a pod of about 8 dolphins amongst the surfers at Freshwater Beach. With those menacing clouds in the background, it’s no wonder this lady had the whole pool to herself to swim her laps.

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Pre dawn …


First day of the school holidays and I managed to have my blip completed before the sun came up. Hopefully I never need to be so ambitious again.

My son has an army cadet camp and had to be on base at a ridiculously early time this morning. The forecast for 7 out of the next 8 days is for showers and cold weather. That should be a pleasant experience while sleeping under a piece of tarp and living on ration packs. To make it worse, I hadn’t read the packing instructions properly and only later discovered the line that said ‘take a packed lunch on the first day as you will not be fed until dinner time’.

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1964 Olympics …

188 64 tokyo medal

This is a photo of my Dad (on the left) with his team mates after winning a bronze medal in the 4 x 100m medley relay at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. He was only 16, and does look so much younger then the others.

Such a difference to the current Olympic athletes and the level of support they receive. I remember reading his diaries when he was training ….. swimming laps in the outdoor pool at some ungodly pre-dawn hour, then working as an intern in a solicitors office during the day, then back to the pool in the afternoon, then studying his law degree by correspondence at night. I was exhausted just reading the entries.

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Hoop …


Who would have thought a morning with such vivid blue skies would turn into an afternoon of flooding and huge hailstones only an hour north of here?

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