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Beach bunny …


This much loved bunny was a great addition to a family shoot down at the beach this afternoon. Thankfully he didn’t make a run for freedom and was happy to return to his cage after being the centre of attention.

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Girls …


After photographing the rough and tumble of my husband’s soccer grand final, it was quite refreshing to do a family photo shoot with three delightful daughters. I have watched the girls grow over the last seven years and seen them develop their unique personalities. This is the eldest, with a maturity and grace that seems beyond her years.

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Salty …


Big waves + sunshine = happy surfer.

Washing off the saltwater before heading home to start his day.

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A black diamond …


Thanks to a night of corporate hospitality, I got to combine a few of my favourite things; champagne, art, fine food and my husband (not strictly in that order). A cocktail party and a viewing of the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes at the NSW Art Gallery, followed by dinner at Otto.

I had as much fun people watching as I did viewing the art. This was one of the striking entries …. a painting called ‘A black diamond’ by Stefan Kater.

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000 …


Quite apt to photograph this life buoy at the beach after having coffee and a chat with a girlfriend today. She has been immersed in Emergency for years. She graduated as a police officer, but had to give that up when she moved overseas to live. When she returned home she trained as a firefighter and now drives fire trucks and fights fires.

I can’t help but be terribly impressed every time I see her. She is super fit and fearless, and I imagine her being very calm and reassuring in the event of an emergency. In her spare time she is completing her studies to train as a paramedic, and also a senior firefighter.

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Trophy bling …


Disclaimer …. this is definitely a mum photo. My son’s soccer team was undefeated during the season and played their grand final this morning. The boys were in fine form, it was just the parents who found it difficult to watch.

No problems. The boys came away with lots of bling.

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Party …


Birthdays are always the best days.

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Nippers …


Glorious afternoon to be down the beach for a photo shoot with a group of energetic kids. Taking some photos for a local surf club getting ready to launch their nippers registration. Though it is still technically winter, they were all keen to go jump in the surf when we were done.

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Tactical pruning …


My son was getting ready for cadets and was practicing his ‘leopard crawl’ and ‘sniper crawl’ around the backyard. He seemed to be more effective in breaking off all the low-lying branches and distributing all the dead leaves around the lawn.

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Submarine …


A lone swimmer this afternoon thought he only had to persevere with the cold water when swimming laps …. not the stranger at the end of his lane taking photos every time he came up for air.

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Cure all …


I was reading an article that listed the benefits of doing headstands and I’m unsure why nobody told me before ….

* reverses the flow of gravity & simulates a facelift
* increases blood flow to the scalp, reducing the onset of grey hair
* stimulates the glands, leading to an improved sex life
* the adrenal glands are flushed, leading to more positive thoughts

There are lots more reasons, but I can’t read the rest of the list upside down.

Just to clarify, this is definitely not a self portrait. I snuck up on someone this morning at Manly Beach.

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Soccer …


Last time we played against this team, the boy in green had his arm broken. Obviously hesitant to face them again, he seems to have adopted a strategy of staying high to keep out of harm’s way.

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