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Surfer girl …


Inspired to actually flick through the camera manual by the recent blip from RSD Photo’s Mexican Life and his use of the miniature/tilt-shift effect.

A hundred other things I’m meant to be doing today, but couldn’t resist having a quick practice to try it out.

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Manly Beach …


Busy morning inside the old timber picnic shelter on the beachfront. Couldn’t tell whether it’s the hardy ocean swimmers enjoying coffee after their swim, or whether it’s the homeless guys waking up to ocean views and sunshine.

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Sydney Opera House …


Caught the sunset around the Opera House this afternoon … so many great lines, curves and silhouettes to photograph.

Spent an enjoyable evening at the MCA for the opening of the Aleks Danko exhibition …. some satirical and humorous art installations and graphic paintings. Nice to see some art that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

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Vera …

Amanda Naylor Photography - adults -13

When I was in Vermont I found this vintage swim cap and knew just the lady I needed to model it for me. My gorgeous neighbour Vera is 84 and was thrilled to do a swimwear fashion shoot for me. She explained that the cossie she was wearing today was only for swimming, and she had a more robust one to wear when she swam in the surf at the beach …. in case the waves were a bit rough and caused the straps to come down.

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Logo …


Excited to get the design finalised today for the logo for my new business. It’s now starting to feel very real. Just building my portfolio and developing a website, so will hopefully launch it next month.

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Round crepes …


Always fun to take the fisheye lens out for a play … a bonus to find a charming French man happy to pose for a portrait.

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Undefeated …


Hot coffee and warm sunshine … the perfect combination for watching my son’s soccer team play this morning. These guys have so much energy and barely stop running the whole game. Captured one of his teammates in a rare moment of being still.

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Sun salutations …


Back to my morning exercise class outside … so much more inspiring then a treadmill inside a gym.

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Big chill …


I have emerged from the disorientation and stupor of jet lag, and have returned slowly to domestic life after a month of travel. After so long being responsible for only myself, I’m finding it very rude of my children to be expecting to be fed 3 times a day!

It’s the middle of winter, so I was surprised this morning to see this lovely couple swimming in the pool at Fairlight Beach …. they are English, so their concept of winter is very different to ours.

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Times Square …

Amanda Naylor -22

I’ve got my girl back from Summer Camp and we are now at the airport heading back to Australia. It’s been nearly a month away ….a wonderful privilege to travel, explore, experience and connect for such a long time.

Looking forward to being back with my family and in our home together. We are flying out of NY on Saturday afternoon and land in Sydney on Monday morning. That’s freaky.

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Chrysler Building …

Amanda Naylor -5

Saying a fond farewell to my favourite NY icon, the Chrysler Building. A building that has always seemed to have a grace and style of its own, especially when it stands next to it’s neighbouring non-descript sheer, glass towers.

I’ve been intrigued with this building after reading the stories of the photographer Margaret Bourke-White and seeing the images of her taking photos from on top of this building. She was also the first accredited woman to fly in combat missions, so I suppose a walk off the edge of a 77 storey building was an ordinary day in the office for her.

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NYC views …

Amanda Naylor -4

Another high vantage point to view this city, tonight watching the sunset from the top of the Rockefeller Centre. It was great to be able to experience it from the outside deck, however the gaps in the glass are not terribly wide and I had trouble trying to fit my lens through. This guy was having an easier time of it with his phone.

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