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Green philosophy …

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If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Not a day for scientific or philosophical debate on this question as we stepped over many fallen trees on our hike on the Appalachian Trail today. The entire trail is 3,500kms long and runs from Georgia through to Maine. Hikers that attempt the whole trail usually take about 6 months, carry all their gear and camp along the trail.

I’m taking a much more leisurely approach … 4 days of hiking, about 15kms a day. Then back to a hotel with a comfortable bed, hot shower, WiFi and red wine.

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Vermont …

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Jumped on a coach this morning that went from Boston to Montreal … but jumped off half way through to start my ‘holiday within a holiday’, four days hiking in Vermont.

Went for an afternoon walk in the streets near the lodge I am staying at. Some picture perfect old timber houses, forests of lush green and an intoxicating smell of fir trees. Looking forward to lacing up my boots tomorrow.

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Boston bride …

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Dropped my daughter at her maths camp in Newport, Rhode Island and I loved how excited she was …. who wouldn’t want to spend so long on a course dedicated purely to infinities and paradoxes? Or maybe it wasn’t the course content that excited her, just the thought of being away from her parents for 3 weeks. Works both ways baby!

Anyway, I’m reliving my early backpacking years and am spending the night in a youth hostel in Boston. They have surely changed in the intervening 20-odd years since I slept in a lumpy bunk bed in a dorm. Very modern and hip. Common areas look like a cross between a Starbucks cafe and the Google headquarters. It’s a shame though, because all this effort in getting travellers from around the world together, and everyone is sitting by themselves plugged into their MacBook Pros (me included).

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Pickles …

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Wandering around Brooklyn this morning in a jet lagged haze hunting for a decent coffee. This place looked promising … until I noticed the window display of pickles. Each to their own, but definitely not my sort of thing.

Passed a queue of about 50 guys all lined up and sitting outside a shop two hours before it opened. They had obviously been waiting a lot longer as they had fold up chairs, blankets and flasks of coffee. I asked what they were waiting for …. a new release of Kanye West sneakers. As with the pickles, I just don’t understand.

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Colours of NYC …

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It has been strange to have a month away from blip, and it did take a while to stop looking at people and situations and ‘sizing them up’ as potential photo opportunities.

I’ve arrived back in New York and it feels quite surreal after having lived here for 2 years. Great to walk around the city and feel the intensity of the crowds and listen to the variety and volume of the constant noise. The city is awash with rainbow colours to support Gay Pride, and lots of celebrations as the Supreme Court today announced the legalisation of gay marriage across the US.

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