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Pause …


Over the last few weeks our new cat has finally been allowed outside and he has been testing his athletic prowess and wits against the challenges of suburbia.

However, this fence proved too high and he needed rescuing. My daughter was quite perturbed that I felt the need to take photos of him before I helped him down.

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Welcome back …


My son had not had a haircut for about 10 months and was sporting quite an unruly ruckus of curls. Today he announced he thought it was time for a trip to the barber. It’s nice to see he was underneath all along.

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Shiny …


My neighbour has bought an old Porsche and invariably spends a lot of time fixing things under the bonnet that are broken. He also spends a lot of time making it very shiny. Not very practical for grocery shopping, or carting kids around …. but maybe that was the plan all along?

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High light …


We have this light hanging in our house in a void that is 2-storeys high. My son doesn’t quite appreciate the aesthetic, but is happy to use it as target practice with his Nerf guns. Bonus points for spotting the foam bullet wedged in it.

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Tunnel vision …


Not ideal beach conditions today. Some visitors to North Curl Curl beach are reconsidering their options.

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Dawn service to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of ANZAC Day. The red poppies displayed on the screen as the sun rose. Lest we forget.

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Life on Mars …


Found this sea urchin washed up high above the rockpools after the rough seas over the last few days. When I downloaded the photo, it looked more like an aquatic echidna or an alien.

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Down under …


It all becomes very clear why Australia gets this nickname.

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Rough seas …


The fierce storm is still wreaking havoc along the Eastern coast, but there were pockets during the day when the rain stopped. People emerged to survey the damage, and some boat owners at Manly Beach did not fare too well. If you look in the very right of the photo you can see another cruiser smashed against the wharf and partly submerged.

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Big swell …


Crazy storm in Sydney. Drove some children to school this morning through flooded roads, past uprooted trees and with barely any traffic lights working. Stay safe.

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Books + boots …


I love that children can be so beautifully open, trusting and fearless in front of a camera. Still at the age where self consciousness has not crept in, they reveal so much of their big personalities in such a short timeframe.

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20,000 leagues …


Second last day of school holidays so the children are making the most of swimming in the pool before they are locked inside a classroom again.

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