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Cool change …


I’ve noticed the mornings getting a bit cooler, but nothing quite heralds the end of summer like a big sale on surfboards.

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Spikes …


I can understand why birds don’t feel comfortable landing on this plant.

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Mistress …


To convey “the spirit of the Rolls-Royce, namely, speed with silence, absence of vibration, the mysterious harnessing of great energy and a beautiful living organism of superb grace…”

Apparently this was the brief given to an artist when he was commissioned to design a hood ornament for the company. The artist had earlier created a personal hood ornament for a gentleman’s Rolls Royce, modelled on his mistress. I wonder if she would have been delighted or offended that she met such a brief.

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Ray of sunshine …


Election day for NSW politicians today and our local school is a polling station. This is Ray, who stood outside the school gates for 10 hours and handed out ‘how to vote’ cards for The Greens party.

I chatted with him a few times throughout the day and he is an educated, passionate man, trying to ensure the future of this area for generations to come. At 86 he taught himself to play the ukelele and enjoys singing along. He even brightened my day with some Frank Sinatra tunes. Love your work Ray.

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Avid reader …


A few months ago I made a decision to start my own photography business when we returned home to Australia. I’m now ready to start practicing, learning and building a portfolio.

Luckily I have family and friends with lots of adorable young children to practice on. This is my neighbour Oli and today he taught me two very valuable lessons; use a faster shutter speed to keep up with a toddler, and to have my pockets filled with tissues because it takes longer to remove dribble in Lightroom.

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The blues …


When we were in New York we found it unbelievable that access to many beaches was restricted. You had to produce a resident’s permit, be a member of a private club, or pay $12 for a day pass. I love that Australia has such a wealth of beaches and there are no fences, gates or restrictions on access.

This is our home beach and pool at North Curl Curl.

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Rust …


Walked around Manly Wharf with all good intentions of ‘standing back’ and taking some photos of the crowds in the soft afternoon light. However, I often get seduced by the small details, and this is exactly what happened again.

The Japanese tourist beside me on the wharf was quite perplexed as to why I was photographing a rusty old chain, when the iconic Manly Ferry was right in front of my lens.

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Tour guide …




I had the wonderful pleasure of joining a blipmeet in the Blue Mountains today. The Blackheath Blippers were incredibly generous with their time, very welcoming, filled with vitality, and had a palpable love of their mountains and an eagerness to share their knowledge. If you could harness their energy and enthusiasm, it would sell for a fortune.

Unfortunately the weather was pretty dire, but this didn’t deter Beckett from continuing through the rain and puddles to make sure I didn’t miss seeing the waterfalls.


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A-Treat …


I have previously blipped the Brooklyn icon of Ronnie the seltzer man and loved his old timber crates that he used for carting the bottles around on his deliveries. I found this similar crate at a market in Fort Greene before we left, so couldn’t resist bringing it home. I’m sure nobody from the original company in Pennsylvania expected the box to end up in Sydney.

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Great outdoors …


It was with some controversy a few years ago that our local councils allowed cafes to serve drinks outdoors, without a meal being served.  Such a sensible decision considering our climate and beautiful beach views. Walked past these law-abiding citizens at Manly Beach this afternoon, taking full advantage of the situation on a Sunday afternoon.

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Two boards …


Our neighbours have just arrived home with new surfboards. Ollie’s board is for his birthday and he has to wait a few weeks until he gets to ride it. However, the good thing about being an adult is you can just ride your new board straight away.

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Eddie …


I’m a big believer in giving children exposure to music and the chance to play an instrument. I also know when to let it slide. My daughter played the clarinet for six years and has now called ‘time out’. I’m fine with that.

This is Eddie, the music tutor that taught her for the early years. He is patient, calm and gentle … all wonderful attributes for this part of his profession. He was heading off to play at a Cuban club tonight, definitely a different tempo to an afternoon tutoring primary school children.

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