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Fish dinner …


Always better to see the rock fishermen standing ‘on the edge of the world’ when the swell is low. Frightening statistics of 27 deaths in NSW in the last 3 years from drowning while rock fishing, which is higher than deaths from swimming and surfing. Authorities are trying to make wearing life jackets mandatory, but it looks like there is still a lot of resistance to the idea.

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Get your groove on …


Recreating a touch of the past with a progressive dinner tonight …. just like in our parent’s day. We are wandering our neighbourhood, dressed in our best ’60’s-70’s glamour, moving between courses.

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Pomegranate …


Got to love the colours, pattern and textures of a pomegranate. A tricky fruit, but worth persevering for the crunch and pop.

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Mask …


Our container from New York arrived today, so we effectively had a second household dumped upon our existing one. Our children came home from school and thought it was like Christmas, unpacking all their boxes.

Of all the obscure things they unpacked, my son found this mask from a CPR practice model. Not sure how we ended up with this, or why we felt it important to bring it all the way home. Tomorrow’s problem.

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Double trouble …


I knew having a cat would come in handy when it’s past 10pm and you don’t have a photo to use for a blip. Our cat has settled in well and has been intrigued by all sorts of things. His favourites so far seem to be watching the washing machine and checking out his reflection.

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Waiting …


Drove up to the Hunter Valley today to visit relatives and was determined to take some landscape photos of the Australian bush. I packed my tripod and kept stopping by the side of the road, but it all just seemed a bit too big and empty. I couldn’t quite work out what to do with it.

Ventured down a dirt road and stumbled across a water lilly nursery that had an exquisite displays of flowers. Not sure what this is … maybe a hibiscus of some sort?

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12 x 4 …


Another loud, raucous day in our backyard. The tarp was dragged out across the lawn and dishwashing liquid was used to enable great feats of speed and agility, with the boys covered in bubbles and grass clippings all day. It’s good to be 12.

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On the rocks …


A cyclone hit the Queensland coast this morning and there were predictions of big surf being generated further down south. The surf didn’t eventuate, and thankfully no serious injuries have been reported. Lots of flooding and damage, and people without power.

This surfer making the most of his day, and avoiding the rocks, at Dee Why point.

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In the ‘hood …


I love that 12 year old boys are so easily entertained. You just need a hose, dishwashing liquid and a huge tarp in the backyard. If your house also has an X-Box and lots of food, it becomes a magnet for after school gatherings.

This is Sam, caught transitioning between the pool and the TV.

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Early …


Headed out to IKEA today on my annual quest for household organisation. Even though I get excited at the prospect of all those neat, storage options, I thought it may be a little dull for photo opportunities.

So I ventured down to North Curl Curl beach to watch the sunrise, but it was effectively blocked by a big bank of clouds. Lovely start to the day anyway.

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The barber …


Meet Jack the Barber. He single handedly transforms the unruly, curly mops of the local surfer boys and makes them presentable for the first day back at school after the summer holidays. He also keeps the dads looking relatively hip.

He caught up with us when he visited New York, and looked very much at home wandering through the streets of Brooklyn with his film camera. A well-travelled, thoughtful romantic … what more do you want from your barber?

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Vera …


I have a sneaky suspicion that Vera is lying about her age. She says she is 84, and her husband is 90. They are not acting like it.

Last year they went skiing and she was explaining the great difference that her new twin-tip skis made and she loved the great fantail of snow behind her as she skied down the mountain. She is now eyeing off some new ski boots as well. The year before they skied in Japan because they love the powder, but they usually go to Canada. They were a little indignant about the medial insurance forms though, as after you turn 80 there is no tick-a-box for snow skiing. Obviously the insurers haven’t met this couple.

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