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Running wild + free …


An early morning 7km + 10km race from Dee Why Beach to Manly Beach this morning with over 4,600 runners participating. The winning time for the 10km race was 31 minutes. I don’t think it was this guy, he seemed to be having way too much fun.

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Duck …


Huge swell in Sydney today so had to check out four different ocean pools before finding one I felt safe enough to swim in. This one at North Curl Curl wasn’t the one! It was obviously closed for good reason.

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Wipeout …


Spent a lovely morning drinking coffee in the sunshine with fellow blipper Skater. I remember being in New York and seeing one of her postcard-perfect photos of South Curl Curl Beach and I was homesick for days! So wonderful to meet the lady behind the camera and blip comments.

At Manly Beach I caught some surfers making the most of the big waves … and also some big waves making the most of some surfers. Always entertaining.

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High school …


My son started high school today and I didn’t cry. I will admit to stalking him a little by sitting in the car opposite the bus stop to make sure he caught the right bus. I can already get a strong sense of him growing up, even after just one day.

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Cold water …


When we built our house, we installed an outdoor shower on the back fence to wash off the sand after coming home from the beach. My husband lobbied hard for hot water and being the only one that surfs in winter, this should have given him more weight in the argument.

Being the accountant, I argued for the more cost-effective cold water option. Luckily, he still loves me.

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Aussie, Aussie, Aussie …


Honouring our English heritage, Australia Day was celebrated in Sydney with overcast skies and rain today. 227 years since the first convicts landed in Sydney, we usually showcase our harbour with blue skies and sunshine … just to show the British it was not really punishment to be sent here.

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Sisters …


My adorable nieces came over for lunch today and it was wonderful to see how much they had grown in the two years we have been away. Starting their own adventures next week, with first days at school and pre-school.

The girls are a beautiful reflection of both parents. They have the gentle, calm and creative nature of their mother, and luckily inherited her distinctive red hair. To ensure they are not too angelic, they have their father’s sense of humour … thankfully not yet as dry and wicked as his. It’s something I’m sure he will work on with them.

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Abandon ship …


Messy 4 foot waves wreaking havoc on the surf boat carnival at Manly Beach today. The poor guys on the crew of the Long Reef boat spent a lot of their time either sideways or upside down during the race.

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Backyard starfish …


My children are making the most of being back at home during the Summer holidays, with endless hours in the pool each day.

I remember being this age and doing exactly the same thing. We would spend so long in the pool, the skin on our toes and fingertips would start rubbing off and bleeding. Also the ‘sun safe’ message hadn’t yet been introduced, so we would get sunburnt and peel strips of skin off our shoulders at night. Wouldn’t deter us from doing the same thing the next day, and the next, and the next …

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Once bitten …


With a record ninth day of beach closures due to shark sightings in Newcastle, the media has been full of gruesome images of a 5 metre great white eating dolphins and surprising fishermen.

Even our local beaches have been closed some days due to sightings, but that didn’t deter my husband from going out surfing twice today. Luckily our surf clubs are well stocked with lots of bandaids …. just in case.

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Under my skin …


Bugger. Just got diagnosed today with two spinal tumours. Sort of puts a dampener on your Tuesday.

So very grateful they are benign. Will meet with a spinal surgeon next month to get some answers and treatment options. Hopefully it will get me out of doing the ironing at least.

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And smile …


When unpacking boxes on a rainy day produces few blip opportunities, I was delighted to receive our air freight from New York. Inspired by the blips of RunningBackwards I had purchased a box of ’20 beer coasters with 40 faces’ the day before we left NY ….

12 year old boys proved the perfect testing ground for the cardboard squares filled with possibilities.

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