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Brooklyn Bridge ….


A last walk over the Brooklyn Bridge this morning into Manhattan for a final NY fix.

Now waiting at the airport, with only 26 hours of sitting upright until we land in Australia. Not sure what this means for blip, as we leave on the 31st December and arrive on 2nd January. Messes with your head a little. See you on the other side.

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Goodbye NY …


After two years calling NY our home, tonight we said goodbye with a last walk beneath the Brooklyn Bridge. In below freezing temperatures, it was a brisk but sentimental farewell.

I feel like I am already going to miss you.

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It’s a wrap …


The removalist company was arriving sometime between 9-11am this morning to pack up our house, so we were taken a bit by surprise when they arrived on the doorstep at 8am. In our PJ’s eating breakfast, they worked around us, wrapping everything that was not bolted to the floor.

By the afternoon, our house looked like an art installation where the artist Christo has wrapped everything and placed it strategically in each room.

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Walk the line …


Winter reflections at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn.

I had lots of photos with people walking towards me, but most people were looking at me with a strange expression wondering why I had my face pressed up to the glass.

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Calm …


The early morning view from our hotel in Mount Snow, Vermont. The lake is almost completely frozen over and it just looks so picturesque.

After such a great day skiing yesterday, I’ve opted for a day of calm and solitude … sitting in the big lounge chair in the hotel, looking at this view. Drinking coffee, reading, eating danishes and occasionally nodding off. Oh, and sighing contentedly every now and then.

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Happy days …


Well, we did manage a White Christmas after all and have just come in from a great days skiing at Stratton in Vermont. The sort of day where by the end, your thighs are burning, your smile is wide, and you are watching the clock to see how many runs you can fit in before they stop the lifts.

Our 12 year old son is now proficient and careful, which is a pleasant change from nearly proficient, reckless and addicted to the thrill of speed.

Now, off to the hot tub!

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Old timber …


To ensure a white Christmas, we have headed up to Vermont for a few days skiing. We drove through the historic village of Deerfield in Massachusetts that has houses from as early as 1730. Eerily quiet and deserted on Christmas Day, which made it look all the more authentic. Even the man who ran out of his house to question why I was taking photographs gave it an unsettling feeling that we had wandered too far off the highway into deliverance country.

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Brooklyn bottles …


For only the second time since we have lived in Brooklyn, the rickety old truck delivering soda bottles was parked outside our house. The truck is a photographer’s delight, and the owner was very patient as I circled his truck like an excited child on Christmas morning.

Here’s an earlier blip of Ronnie the Seltzer Man who has been running his business for the last 40 years. In a NY Times article, he explained that he didn’t want to risk expanding his business to Manhattan as he didn’t trust his precarious rig to make it safely over the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Happy hour …


Apologies in advance. Pretty dire blip opportunities today while packing up our house, room by room, in preparation for moving back to Australia.

The highlight was catching up with a dear friend for dinner to say our farewells. This is the difficult part about leaving, the goodbyes.

Cocktails first at our local bar, Wolf + Deer, that does a great drink called ‘The Secret Garden’ with lots of lime, cucumber and mint. Surely it must be healthy with all that greenery?

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5th Ave shops …


Love the contrast of the calm, warmth and serenity inside the shop … then the commute home in the cold outside in the real world.

This is 5th Ave Brooklyn where we live …. the clothes shops are more quirky than their upmarket counterparts on 5th Ave Manhattan.

If you look closely you can see the painted birds inside the shop are flying up to join the real life pigeons perched on the building opposite.

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WTC Memorial …


In 10 days time we will be on the plane flying home to Australia, so my birthday wish was to photograph in NY at night. My husband was very patient and obliging, following me around as I set up my tripod in various spots. It was a ‘festive’ 1 degree Celsius/33 Fahrenheit.

We did manage to keep warm (and married) by ducking into several bars along the way.

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On fire …


As any girl will tell you, there is just something irresistible about a man in uniform. Then multiply that by two … you start seeing my dilemma! Having a camera slung around my neck gave me a perfect excuse to approach these very charming and obliging firemen from Brooklyn’s Squad 1. They were waiting on the scene  for what happened to be a false alarm.

I had taken an earlier blip of the firetruck belonging to Squad 1, but I do prefer this shot for some reason.

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