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Taxi! …


Wonderful to be wandering the streets of NY at this time of the year, with so many people and so much activity …. and never a shortage of taxis.

I think retailers time the Black Friday sales with the cold weather so you are forced into the stores to seek warmth. Well, that’s my excuse for coming home with some excellent bargains today.

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Met Museum …


In a last ditch attempt at exposing our children to a bit more art + culture before we leave NY, we had a visit to the Met Museum today. 1/3rd of the time was spent in the cafe, so we were about 2/3rds successful.

I think they might have matured slightly, as when we took them to the Musee d’Orsay in Paris they kept a running tab in each room of ‘bums, boobs + willies’ on display. At least they were showing an interest in art, however tenuous.

This photo is in an atrium I hadn’t see before, with a lonely guard making sure nobody made off with any paintings from the nearby Cezanne exhibition.

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Merry XMAS …


My son Max was very keen to help with setting up the Christmas decorations. It was only later that I realised why.

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments on my Staff Pick for yesterday’s blip … quite ironic that an Australian was chosen for a Thanksgiving blip!

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Macy’s parade …


If you were really committed to seeing anything at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, you would have to spend hours standing in the freezing cold, with occasional flurries of sleet and light snow to heighten the experience.

I chose Option B. This involved enjoying a warm, cosy bed for longer than usual, then watching the parade from behind the more committed/frozen/grumpy Option A people. You still get a good view of the floats that go up high, and you can watch the rest on someone else’s screen in front.

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Thankful for photography …


I had the great honour of being asked to take photos tonight at a Thanksgiving dinner at a local women’s shelter. Some very proud young women with their beautiful babies. I have just finished uploading the photos and am overcome with emotion. For some of these women, the photos from tonight are the first photos they will have with their babies. It has reinforced my strong belief in the power of photography and my love of this medium to capture moments in time that are otherwise lost.

This is a bland test shot of the lounge room wall, as I want the mothers to be the first ones to see their photos with their precious babies.

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‘Tis the season …


Despite Thanksgiving not being officially here yet, Christmas is in full swing on the streets of New York. The storefronts are beautifully decorated, sparkly lights are appearing everywhere and the crowds are increasing. The first snow of the season is also predicted to fall in the morning. Excellent!

This is the beautiful Christmas tree in the entrance to the NY Public Library.

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Still smiling …


Making the most of the early opening hours offered to members, I visited MoMA this morning with a friend to view the Matisse Cut-Outs exhibition again. Just so delightful, colourful and vibrant, and I highly recommend seeing the exhibition if you get a chance (however the crowds are significant).

Caught this lady’s capture of Duchamp’s version of the Mona Lisa, still smiling despite the addition of a moustache and goatee.

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Ready, set, wait …


Walking past Borough Hall in Brooklyn tonight and they had it all set up to film something. Lot of people standing around watching equipment, lot of actors standing around trying to keep warm, lot of onlookers caught in the bright lights …. but not much action.

Not sure what they were filming, but it is not unusual to find film crews commandeering entire blocks for several days in Brooklyn.

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Barclay Centre …


Just made it …. scraping in a photo with 10 minutes to spare before midnight! A very enjoyable dinner out in Brooklyn, with a tripod and camera in my handbag for a late night blip on the way home …. luckily the Barclay Centre was still heaving with people and traffic.

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Brooklyn Bridge …


With only 40 days left living in New York, I’m feeling sentimental, forlorn and desperate. I’m trying to revisit all my favourite places … attempting to capture them through my lens to secure a place in my memory.

The Brooklyn Bridge has been our portal to Manhattan, and we have traversed it many times …. walking with visitors, biking across, dodging the tourists while running over it, or returning home late in a cab after a night out in the city.

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Rolling …


Went for a Chinese massage today and spent an hour vacillating between pleasure and pain. You lay there thinking that if it hurts it must be doing good, then you wonder if there is actually any truth in this logic ….

Did happen to see the unicyclist again today in Prospect Park, rolling along while juggling at the same time. Here he is in an earlier blip out of the shadows.

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Boxer …


For our final studio lighting class tonight at PhotoUno, we all had to come up with a lighting plan and bring props for our shoot. The versatile Lulu Ward graciously donned vintage headwear, smoked a cigarette (unlit of course), wore a colourful mask … and then went to the other extreme to play the role of a defeated boxer for me.

It has been an excellent class, and has introduced me to such a different world of technology, equipment and gadgets … and expense, my husband would add!

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