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Halloween …


The obligatory pumpkin blip.

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On thin ice …


It can only be a sign that Winter is very, very close …. the ice skating rink in Central Park has opened. Lots of people out enjoying the novelty of skating in the gorgeous sunshine and beautiful weather.

Unfortunately the weather is meant to take a dive, with predictions for a windy and cold day on Sunday for the NYC Marathon.

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Colourful ride …


Prospect Park is a vibrant mix of red, orange and green as Autumn/Fall gets into full swing. There are enough leaves still on the trees, and a great carpet of colour, so it’s beautiful to photograph in the morning light.

I could have posted any one of about 100 leaf photos, but decided to blip my panning shot instead.

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NYPD Blues …


It’s tough on the streets of NY. Some strategy discussions on the right …. some counselling on the left …. and the poor officer left all alone in the middle.

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Dawn at dusk …


One of my treasured memories of our time living in NY will be my friendship with Dawn. She radiates calm, good health, gentleness and a smile that is genuine and radiates warmth. She is intelligent, beautiful, worldly, caring and very handy with a spanner … all nicely balanced by being a tree-hugging hippy.

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A little bit of H.O.P.E …


Walked past the new sculptural addition to NY streets this afternoon. The $3M, 13 foot tall bright red sculpture of the letters HOPE. This was from the same artist who created the same LOVE sculpture some 50 years ago.

Love and hope … not a bad message to spread.

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Basking …


Our street photography class this week was up on The Highline, the old elevated freight train line in Chelsea. After a week of rain, everybody was keen on being outdoors, so it was just crazy busy up there.

After the class I found this gorgeous pocket of light and just set myself up opposite to see what serendipity bought my way. A great cast of characters, but this guy in the dapper jacket was my favourite.

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Secret angels …


Love the irony of the Jehovah’s Witnesses setting up a stand outside the Victoria’s Secret flagship store in NY. It’s just maybe the angels are slightly different for each.

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Bouquets + boots …


NY spent another day under gloomy, wet skies from the nor’easter that is hitting the coast. Some areas in Massachusetts have had 5 inches/13 cms of rain since yesterday, so it has definitely been gumboot weather.

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Wheels on the bus …


Not many redeeming features of a day like today. Constant deluge of rain and had to face the reality of the impending winter by firing up the boilers in the basement and turning the heating on.

The only dash of colour was provided on the walk to school this morning. I’m still delighted by the yellow school buses as they remind me I’m living in another country.

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Philosophy …


“If a leaf falls to the ground and no one was around to hear it, does it still make a sound?”

But hey, it’s a Brooklyn sidewalk, so there isn’t a possibility of no one being around!

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A morning spent having wonderful fun in the B+H Superstore today … like a kid in a lolly shop … but instead of candy, it’s all about photography. Such an incredible range of mind boggling gear and gadgets, all whizzing around overhead and between floors on the conveyor belts.

This was a quick shot of the Empire State Building as I returned to the subway with my bags.

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