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Surf’s up in NY …


Had a photography class today and I was delighted to learn about working with masks on adjustment layers in Photoshop. Went hunting for photo opportunities after the class and was happy to find this policeman outside the surf shop in Times Square.

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Ruffled feathers …


Apparently swans have about 24,000 feathers … no wonder this cygnet made an early start on his morning cleaning routine.

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Secure photos …


Made it down to Photoville today … a photographic exhibition housed in 60+ shipping containers on the Brooklyn waterfront. Quite a surreal experience, ducking out of the sunshine into an exhibit that can be whimsical, beautiful, confronting, thought provoking, dramatic, repulsive or emotional. Sort of like Russian roulette … don’t know what you get until you enter.

Inspiring photo journalism like Josh Haner’s story covering the emotional journey of the Boston Marathon bombing victim, Jeff Bauman, who had both legs amputated. Raw, powerful, sad and so very intimate. Reminded again of the power of photography to tell a story.

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Look out …


The police presence in NY is still very high this week with all the United Nations activities. Despite being stationed right in the middle of the road outside Grand Central Terminal, this officer looked surprisingly relaxed.

I think it would have been wiser for him to keep an eye on the line of yellow cabs hurtling down the road in both directions towards him.

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Lights, camera …


What an incredible learning experience tonight! PhotoUno, the photography school I have been attending in NY, held a ‘Photo Shoot Friday’ where they organise a professional model (LuLu Ward) and makeup artist (Zarielle Washington) for the 3 hour class.

We learnt about developing and communicating a plan for the shoot, setting up studio lighting, and directing the model. Thankfully the model made it very easy for us and was a delight to work with. She also took direction a lot more graciously and obligingly then my 13 year old daughter when I request a photo!

So much to learn but excellent fun.

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Catching rainbows …


Rainy day + school closed … so a pyjama day was declared in our household. Did manage to make it outdoors to catch a double rainbow from the top verandah, perfectly positioned with the crane on top of the Barclays Centre.

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Fallen …


My morning walks through the neighbourhood are getting a bit crunchy underfoot.

Not as exciting or welcomed as the new buds of spring, this change in seasons is seen with a bit more reluctance, knowing what lies ahead.

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Yes …


Some detective work paid off this morning and I’m so very happy.

On Thursday I had been walking in Central Park and saw this couple in a row boat and thought it looked like a romantic way to spend the afternoon, so I took a few photos. I then realised the guy was actually getting a box out of his bag and was going to propose. Being a hopeless romantic, I kept photographing.

After about 10 minutes I called out to the couple and asked for an email address so I could send them some photos. Language difficulties meant I didn’t get the correct email address so I have been spending a few days trying various email combinations.

I finally got the right one and sent through a stack of photos today to a very grateful and happy couple.

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Run NYC …


I love running in NY, not just for the thrill of passing so many iconic buildings, but for the intensity of human interaction. Brooklyn Bridge is an experiment in crowd control and manners, with speeding cyclists always being foiled by wayward tourists stepping into their lane. Then running through Downtown was like being an extra in filming for NYPD Blue as the police were out in extraordinary numbers for the Flood Wall St demonstration this morning.

Home after a 16.5km run and I don’t know whether it’s due to a weekend of great merriment, or just that I’m getting old …. but needed an emergency nap before lunch.

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Edge of falling …


The lake house we are staying at is under 2 hours from New York, but it feels centuries away. The countryside is on the precipice of Autumn/Fall and while most trees are still bright green, some are a blaze of colour. Makes a nice contrast with all the intense colours.

We had a campfire last night and indulged in the American practice of making s’mores (roasted marshmallows and a layer of chocolate, sandwiched between graham crackers). Just the sort of thing your kid needs when they have braces!

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Supplies …


This weekend away timetable is pretty hectic …. what, with the sleep-in, numerous cups of tea, breakfast, then back to the lounge by the window for a spot of reading … it’s exhausting. Roused ourselves enough to head to the local Farmers’ Market for lunch and dinner supplies. I think we have enough amazing F+V and breads to cater for a small wedding, so it should be ample to get us through until tomorrow.

Oh look, the wine has just been opened … got to go!

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And breathe …


Our neighbour has generously offered us the use of her lake house in Upstate NY for the weekend. Wow. An afternoon of gorgeous light, a timber jetty and maybe some champagne. Not a car horn or siren to be heard … don’t know how we are going to sleep?

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