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Thin blue line …


Good to see NYPD officers taking turns. While one keeps the streets of Gotham safe, the other is updating his Facebook page.

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End of summer …


Arrived home from holidays today and packed away all the swimming goggles + cossies. It’s a slippery slope to needing to pull out the winter hats, gloves and scarves.

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Space views …


This is the $23M recently opened Exploration Tower to showcase Cape Canaveral and its history. Don’t know whether its the local white elephant or not, but it seems pretty out of place against the fishing trawlers, dry boat storage, taxidermist and local seafood market.

They claim it is a great spot to view the rocket launches from across the river at NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre …. but you have to look over the industrial docks and car parks for the cruise ship terminal first. Strange place.

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Under the boardwalk …


Sunset under the Cocoa Beach pier in Florida, apparently offering excellent views since the 1960’s of all the rocket launches from nearby Cape Canaveral, a few miles away.

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Right side up …


Spent the day mostly wet, partly upside down and hot. A day at Universal Studios, Orlando.

Our children had their fill of adrenaline and I was actually brave enough this time to ride on the most serious roller coaster I have seen in my life … The Hulk. With speeds of 106km/hour and 7 inversions and some zero g rolls, I have never experienced anything so scary. The first ride I just screamed and swore and closed my eyes, but loved it enough to try it another two times.

Also the fantastic special effects of the Harry Potter ride, and lots of other rides where you walked out completely soaked and dripping wet.

We have now arrived at Cocoa Beach which is just below Cape Canaveral. Here for a few days to explore the Space Coast of Florida.

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F.R.E.S.H. …


We hired a boat for the day and went back out into the Gulf of Mexico to try and catch some more scallops and do a bit of fishing.

My husband spent some time snorkeling around and the kids were jumping off the boat and swimming. Everyone was back on board for some morning tea when we saw 2 stingrays and 2 sharks swim beside the boat. I called an abrupt end to the scalloping, so this photo was our pre-lunch snack. Very fresh, succulent and delicious …. lucky we had some sandwiches as a backup lunch.

On the way back in we also had the good fortune of spotting 2 manatees/dugongs and 2 dolphins. Luckily we didn’t spot any ‘gators, as that would have been the end of me.

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Under the sea …


Wasn’t actually planning a mermaid blip today. And just clarifying up front that this wasn’t a photo taken while we were diving for scallops.

Much to our children’s horror, we paid a visited to the Weeki Wachee Springs State Park, where they have been performing ‘live’ mermaid shows daily since 1947. They have a deep natural spring and have built an underwater theatre so visitors can watch the shows. In its prime, half a million people visited a year and 35 mermaids performed in 8 shows a day.

Wonderfully kitsch, but would have been so innovative and entertaining before the days of the internet and massive generic theme parks.

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Spent the day having adventures on the high seas.

We went out through the Homosassa River into the Gulf of Mexico and caught the end of the Florida scalloping season. This involves snorkelling in 7 foot of water and diving down to retrieve the tasty little suckers from amongst the weed. They make a funny squeaking noise and open and close their shells in a defiant move to nip your fingers. The water temperature was 32 degrees celsius/90 fahrenheit so was like a big, moving, salty bath.

My husband surfaced with a great haul of scallops, while my actual contribution to dinner was minimal, so I’m glad that in a marriage all assets are divided equally.

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Florida sunset …


Ooops … we seem to be on another holiday! Flew to Orlando this morning and we are having a week in Florida, dividing our time between the west and east coast. We are trying to see as much of America while we can before we return to Australia, hence the frantic pace of holidays lately.

We are in Homosassa on the west coast to explore the river and waterways out to the Gulf of Mexico. Great to see all the trees ‘dripping’ with Spanish moss, like an old man’s wiry grey beard.

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5th Ave monochrome …


Spotted this guy in the window attending to his girls. Obviously the new season fashion of B+W does not appeal to the lady walking past, not even registering a glance.

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One WTC …


While we have been living in NY I have been watching the rise of the One World Trade Centre building. It is nearing completion and the external construction lifts have been removed, leaving such incredibly sharp architectural lines. It’s staggering to stand below it and try to understand it’s geometry. From this angle it looks purely like a sharp triangular building. Stunning.

A Brooklyn photographer, Benjamin Rosamond, produced a 2 minute time lapse video of the construction, viewed from his verandah …

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A taste of home …


In New York you can pretty much find anything you want … the only exception we have found is Tim Tams, the iconic Australian chocolate biscuit. We use it as leverage for people coming to stay with us … if you want accommodation in NY, you must bring the Tim Tams.

With 35 million packets consumed a year, I think NY consumption has spiked as we have had a lot of visitors! I think customs are soon going to become suspicious of the quantities being trafficked direct to our house.

My aunty arrived today and bought a huge bounty to replenish the cupboard. My children have become quite adept at the Tim Tam Slam, where you bite off two opposing corners, then suck up a hot drink through one of the corners. Heavenly!

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