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11 …


My 11 year old son still inhabits the world of childhood and I delight every day in his caring, considerate and loving nature. In the strange paradox of parenting, I’m also excited to see the changes as he becomes more independent, finds his own identity and learns new skills.

… and he still lets me photograph him.

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Architectural soup …


A 1km stretch of Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn … surely there is room to fit a few more diverse architectural styles next to each other?

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Noisemaker …


My daughter has a friend staying for a sleepover and the noise level in the house has risen beyond what you would even anticipate for two 13 year olds. It’s a lovely, happy noise … just loud and constant.

Alyssa is one of those girls that will make a difference. She is smart, confident, engaging, hilarious, polite and loads of fun. Her enthusiasm for life is palpable and infectious and it is a delight to know her.

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The blues …


As we have passed the halfway mark in the 12 week summer break, I didn’t feel too bad handing my children their summer homework assignments that the teachers had prepared.

The assignments vary incredibly, from ‘read this specific book and just enjoy it’ to 20 pages of algebra equations. Also time to unpack the musical instruments and blow out the cobwebs.

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New wheels …


That’s the great thing about being an adult …. you don’t have to wait for Christmas to get a new bike!

It’s taken me 19 months of living in NY to be comfortable enough with the traffic to buy a bike. I think I’ll learn pretty quickly which side of the road I’m meant to be on. NY drivers are quick on the horn and would have no qualms yelling helpful advice.

It’s shiny and glossy, has a bell and a basket, and 7 gears. I’m sure there are lots of adventures in NY that await us.

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Crunch …


One of the stalls at the Farmer’s Markets at Union Square this morning …. with all this colour, these vegetables must be good for you!

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Alfresco ….


That’s the amazing thing about living in NY … 6 months ago our back verandah was covered in snow and we rarely ventured out there for a solid 4 months of the year.

Now we enjoy dinners outside amongst the greenery and spotting the fireflies as they do their magical, lighted acrobatics in the trees. Hello weekend!

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Alphabet soup …


Well it has proved to not be the most popular activity of the school holidays … emptying the backpacks and trying to find a home for all the paperwork and treasures accumulated throughout the school year. There are enough half used stationery items in this house to adequately supply about 3 small schools.

These were some letters that we had labouriously cut out for a school project, that had then been abandoned in favour of a different title.

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Nick Cave …


Thrilled to be going to see Nick Cave in concert in Brooklyn on the weekend. He has been part of the musical background in our lives, and each song reminds us of a certain place we were living, or a road trip we were taking etc. Some of his collaborations were a bit too heavy and sombre for my liking, and I have enjoyed his music more as he ‘slightly’ mellows with age.

His song ‘Into My Arms’ and his version of ‘Hallelujah’ are highlights from a long and diverse career.

With our tickets we received this limited edition, signed copy of a poster. Beautifully printed, but with an 11 year old boy in the house, it remains to be seen where we could possibly display it?

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The fire cage …


I went on a photography workshop last month and learnt how to use bulb mode and a remote for long exposures at night.

Given an option of playing with a box of matches and sparklers, my son was quick to enlist as my assistant. An added bonus was that the sparklers were red … had never come across coloured ones before.

Excellent fun.

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Brooklyn sunset …


We have a verandah on the top floor of our apartment and it is a favourite place to watch the sunset with a glass of wine ….

We are trying hard to be good and not drinking during the week, so we had a cup of tea to watch the sunset tonight. Makes me feel old and is not nearly as much fun.

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Waterboy …


My husband grew up on a lake and always searches out the water wherever we go. He needs to feel it, see it, explore it and understand it.

His father taught him how to sail and fish, and all the myriad connections between wind and tides and seasons. He learnt how to row a boat, and sail a boat and drive a boat, all under his father’s patient tuition. He knows how to catch a fish, fillet a fish, scoop buckets full of prawns, dig for worms on the beach and to shuck oysters … all learnt by standing by his father’s side all these years.

His father also taught him how to be thoughtful, respectful, caring, determined and fiercely intelligent. He also provided the genes to be tall, handsome and charming!

I am ever so grateful to my father-in-law for being such a wonderful and generous teacher. I watch my husband with our son and I am so delighted to see that history repeats itself.

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