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Watching me watching you …


Tonight the students in my photography class had an exhibition at our school. My son Max was the willing subject for my portraits so he was quite excited to see himself in print and on display.

Luckily he hasn’t realised the bargaining power he holds, and the mercenary value that other slightly older and more financially savvy subjects (ie his teenage sister) might request. The 6 portraits did cost me 6 ice-creams though.

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Ready and waiting …


One of the downsides joys of being a parent is 8am soccer games on a Saturday morning. Before coffee.

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$90M view …


This view of the New York skyline has also become a favourite of mine to reflect the changes in the seasons. It is now fully in spring mode.

The tower in the middle is One57, NY’s tallest residential tower, which is still under construction. Someone purchased the duplex penthouse for a staggering $90M. The buyers have to purchase off the plan and are not allowed to see the view first, so I’m assuming its going to be spectacular. For the money, you are also allowed to use a ‘discreet’ entrance on another street.

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Island beverages …


Got to see a bit of a Brooklyn institution this morning … parked right outside our house. Ronny the seltzer man has been making home deliveries of bottles of soda and seltzer for the last 40 years. A rickety old truck, with wooden crates held precariously in place and bottles rattling around together in the back.

Apparently he fell from the top of the truck a few years ago, but after a week in hospital, was back out on the road with the help of a temporary driver. $25 cash for 10 bottles delivered to your door every second week. Priceless.

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Saddle sore …


This sad looking bike was chained to a pole down the street this morning. Maybe needs a little maintenance? Otherwise the owner will need to be wearing some seriously padded bike shorts when cycling.

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Regrets …


34 million people were predicted to be travelling in America over the Memorial Day weekend, so we decided to stay close to home. An afternoon stroll around Fort Greene in the beautiful light was much more enjoyable than sitting in a New York traffic jam.

Watched this man quietly and industriously blow up all his balloons, then he headed off to make some sales. The man on the bench looked as if he was having some regrets at not buying a balloon on the way past. He looked like he was a balloon sort of a guy …. he was wearing hot dog socks after all.

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2 x nudes …


Based on the attire of the performance artist at the Columbus Circle entrance to Central Park today, summer is fast approaching New York.

The nude statue seems quite indignant to have a rival.

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Creeping …


This gorgeous 5 storey house is on our street and it has become my visual marker of the changing seasons. The entire exterior wall is covered in a mass of vibrant new leaves at the moment, making such a great colour contrast with the red bricks. There is also a huge magnolia tree in the front of the house.

If I lived there, I wouldn’t be putting my bed close to any windows, just in case the rapidly growing vine crept in over night and strangled me in my sleep!

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Gotham …


Despite the best efforts of those in charge of keeping the streets of Gotham clean, this bird has defiantly found a comfortable spot to sit. He is obviously not deterred by the endeavours made to keep him off this street sign.

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Into the void …


I spent the day in the purely commercial/hedonistic world of shopping at the Woodbury Premium Outlet Centre. Crazy sales of 50% off, so was too focussed on ‘saving’ money to take any photos.

So here is my emergency blip looking down the 3 floors of our apartment. All the general detritus of family life below. And, yes that is a bike hanging from the second floor over the void. Being married to an engineer means that these innovative solutions often appear.

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Parked …


Out with the fisheye lens today to get a different view of NY.

In winter, Bryant Park was transformed into an ice skating rink, so it’s lovely to see the lush grass being reclaimed by the people! A gorgeous oasis behind the NY Public Library, quite reminiscent of a Parisian park.

It’s fun to watch the park rangers who seem to happily allow people to sit on the grass, or even lay prostrate and sleep, but they are quick to enforce the ‘no fun’ rule if anything too energetic happens on their watch.

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Runner’s high …


When I was training for my half marathon last year, every run was planned and I kept a log of distance, time and pace for each run. Today is insanely beautiful and I just headed out the door with my key and a subway ticket in my pocket. I ran over the Brooklyn Bridge, along the Hudson River and around Downtown. So exhilarating to be running through the streets of Manhattan, music blaring and the sun shining, dodging all the suits and tourists. When my iPod ran out of charge I jumped on the subway home. 13.5km run. I had forgotten how nice it was to just run.

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