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One hundred …


I thought my first centenary of blips didn’t justify the expense of a plane to write ‘100’ in the sky for me to photograph … and anyway, hiring a crane for the day for a photo shoot was much cheaper!

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Rosy swirls …


This could be your official reminder if you like … Mothers Day is in twelve days time.

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Hello sailor …


Might have accidently bought home more treasure from one of the local vintage shops … but who could resist a gorgeous sailor’s uniform for $18?

From the U.S.S. Plymouth Rock, a landing ship that was built in Mississippi and served for 30 years from 1954. A colourful history, having participated in the Cuban missile crisis blockade and the ‘Mercury’ space flight support mission.

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Brooklyn brass …


Up at Prospect Park today, the Pitchblak Brass Band were in full swing in the sunshine. Intrigued by the MC and her amazing instrument … a sousaphone, which is apparently a tuba that can be worn around the body. A very interesting fashion statement.

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Living the American dream …


For the first time since we’ve been in NY, we caught the ferry across to Staten Island. Quite ironic, because you can pay $150+ for a ticket to a game at the Yankee Stadium, but you can just stroll into this open ballpark and sit down and watch a Staten Island Yankees game for free. And, did I mention the view? A splendid backdrop of the Manhattan skyline. Even this guy in the outfield was looking at the Statue of Liberty and not concentrating on the game.

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Sprung …


Spring has sprung all over the neighbourhood. As New Yorkers are slowly adding a little colour to their black wardrobes, the trees are leading the way with gorgeous bursts of colour.

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Get the party started …


Having a birthday dinner at home tonight for my husband before he flies to Australia … so I should be buying the seafood for the paella, wrapping the presents and putting some wine in the fridge … not being distracted by crawling around the floor of my son’s room looking for a sword-wielding Lego figure and positioning a balloon in just the right spot above him.

Anyway, blip completed and now I can get back to more serious pursuits.

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On thin ice …


We have some great vintage clothes shops in our street and it is always great fun to wander around and see the fashions from across the generations. Everything from 1950’s haute couture ball gowns, to synthetic neon jumpsuits and leopard print boots … and many fashion disasters in between.

However, I did find these old leather ice-skates and couldn’t resist bringing them home.

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Young love …


My parents have come from Australia for 4 weeks to visit us in New York. So lovely to have them with us and show them around.

Obviously 4 weeks is a very long time, especially for my tolerant and patient husband to have his inlaws in the house. So, he has very cleverly planned to speak at a conference …. in Australia!

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Minecraft Manhattan …


For anyone with children between 5 – 15 years old, you have probably been exposed to the computer game of Minecraft ….. the game where you can use building blocks to construct whole worlds, then watch out for marauding zombies who want to eat you. This view of Manhattan today looked like it could have been assembled in Minecraft. Lucky there was a guy there on the lookout for zombies.

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Ball games …


An afternoon running around and playing catch in the park … trying to counteract the effects of a morning spent devouring Easter eggs.

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All hands on deck …


Part of a shop display in Manhattan.

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