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Gotham lights …


The chandeliers in Grand Central Station get me reaching for my camera each time I pass underneath, especially with the skylight in the shot.

I love that the squares and circles are so neat and orderly … sad reflection on my personality really!

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Rainy day blues …


Last day of school holidays, combined with drizzling rain … my son seems to have realised that resistance to either is futile.

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Scrappy kind of day …


A side of Brooklyn that is less hipster and more ‘post-apocalyptic zombie wasteland’

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Waiting for Mr Right …


All dressed up and not a groom in sight.

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Steamy coffee …


3 hours of Parent-Teacher interviews this morning …. with parents navigating the school halls for their 10 minute blocks of insight. I had vey cleverly planned a 20 minute break in the middle where we were able to escape to the cafe next door and grab a coffee.

-12 degrees celsius outside and lots of warm bodies inside made the cafe window look quite eerie.

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Knowledge in colour …


Who wouldn’t want to spend an afternoon in the library with such a colourful read?

I wonder what percentage of landfill is designated to sets of redundant World Book encyclopedias? Surely it must be significant, as they have been revised and published since 1917.

Remember the ‘old days’ when this was the major soure of knowledge for school projects? Supplemented by writing away to companies etc asking for their information packs, then cutting and pasting everything onto a sheet of cardboard?

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Steely determination …


We had an appointment at the orthodontist today for both my 11 and 13 year olds to get braces. I had already worked out the great blip I would post tonight with two sets of shining metal.

Alas, my 13 year old daughter is a newly minted teenager and is very determined. Whilst in the chair she negotiated and argued for 40 minutes with the orthodontist and explained that she didn’t want and wouldn’t be getting braces on today. Exasperated, we both gave up and have made an appointment for next month. The defeated orthodontist was shaking his head and muttering “….. never in my 28 years.”

So here is my alternate blip … the shiny new metal mouth of my complacent and obliging son!

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Happy shopper …


I still love the fact that some aisles in American supermarkets are devoted to beer! This remains a novelty for an Australian.

However, if my trolley is getting full, there is always the ethical dilemma of whether I get another litre of milk, or just buy some beer.

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The Boathouse …


Another snowfall in NY today, and the ducks are the only ones that don’t seem to really mind.

This photo was taken at the Boathouse in Prospect Park, Brooklyn …. over 100 years old and still standing despite several renovations. In a beautiful example of bureaucratic mismanagement, a renovation in 1970 used terra cotta tiles that were not waterproof, resulting in extensive water damage and the closure of the building for many years. Thankfully the plans for the next renovation were scrutinised more thoroughly before being implemented.

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Busted …



He made chocolate chip cookies. He licked the spoon. He licked the bowl. He licked his fingers ….. then disappeared when the serious business of ‘real’ cleaning up got underway.


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Show me the money …



With over 156,000 poker machines/slots in the State of Nevada, it is not surprising to see them everywhere you turn. This photo is in the car rental area.

In the paper today a councilman in Philadelphia proposed allowing slot machines in their airport as he was very impressed that the 1,300 in Las Vegas airport generate $30 million in revenue.

Staggering amounts of money. I checked the website for the Nevada Gaming Control Board and for 2013, the taxable revenue from gambling was $10 billion! Unbelievable. The amount is bigger than the GDP of many countries.

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What happens in Vegas …


In Las Vegas for the end of our holiday and it is such a bizarre town, completely separate from reality. It is staggering to see such a tourism industry in the middle of a barren desert, with the water and energy demands of 30 storey buildings and hundreds of thousands of people staying each night.

The cashier in the casino looked at me with amusement when I asked her to change my $5 note into $1 bills. So far we have spent $1 in the poker machine/slots and won 75 cents. My conscience can live with losing 25 cents gambling in Vegas.

…. however, that said, drinking pina coladas by the pool in the sunshine is not an unpleasant way to end a holiday.

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