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Steamy coffee …


3 hours of Parent-Teacher interviews this morning …. with parents navigating the school halls for their 10 minute blocks of insight. I had vey cleverly planned a 20 minute break in the middle where we were able to escape to the cafe next door and grab a coffee.

-12 degrees celsius outside and lots of warm bodies inside made the cafe window look quite eerie.

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Steely determination …


We had an appointment at the orthodontist today for both my 11 and 13 year olds to get braces. I had already worked out the great blip I would post tonight with two sets of shining metal.

Alas, my 13 year old daughter is a newly minted teenager and is very determined. Whilst in the chair she negotiated and argued for 40 minutes with the orthodontist and explained that she didn’t want and wouldn’t be getting braces on today. Exasperated, we both gave up and have made an appointment for next month. The defeated orthodontist was shaking his head and muttering “….. never in my 28 years.”

So here is my alternate blip … the shiny new metal mouth of my complacent and obliging son!

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Strange bedfellows …


Vacuuming under my son’s bed and just managed to save these two guys from being sucked into the vortex.

Wonder if they had been negotiating placement on the ‘naughty or nice’ list for later this year?

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It’s time …


One of my favourite places to wander and photograph in New York …. the area around the Flatiron Building. At 112 years old, it remains a graceful and sublime part of the NY skyline.

There are plans for it to become a hotel in 2019 when the current commercial leases expire. I think I’ll add it to my bucket list …. a night inside!

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Brooklyn bike …


I can’t even comprehend how this guy would get on this bike, never the less ride it! A cross breed unicycle-bicycle-stilt rider? Then the next dilemma is what you would actually call it.

All credit to him for originality, home-engineering and balance.

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What happened to Midtown? …


Today we ventured back to Rockaway Beach, the beach suburb of New York that was hard hit by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Progress is still slow in repairing the infrastructure, but great fun to walk on a beach covered in snow!

Driving back home we were stopped at a traffic light and this great view of the NY skyline was outside my window …. completely different perspective to what I am used to. The traffic light had changed by the time I had unpacked my camera, so only managed a hasty photo on the go.

Surprised by how prominent Uptown and Downtown NY are …. but it seems Midtown has sunk …. or wasn’t really there to begin with? Looks like One World Trade Centre has definitely overtaken the stalwart Empire State Building to claim the title of tallest building in NY.

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Nice weather for ducks …


Went for a run around Prospect Park yesterday and saw all these beautiful geese coming in to land on the frozen lake. I thought it would make a great action shot with a telephoto lens and fast shutter speed. So this morning I headed back, through the snow and fog … only to find the geese had moved on.

So here is a slightly less mobile shot of the common duck …. he found a gap in the ice on the lake and seemed quite happy to be sitting in the freezing water.

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A splash of love …


Our verandah is still covered in snow and I was trying to catch the water drops falling from the roof and splashing into a small puddle. It was all getting lost in WHITE. This heart is the brightest and shiniest thing I could find to add some contrast. This was my favourite shot as it captures the moment of impact.

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The trouble with thongs …


6am flight from Puerto Rico this morning, so when we landed I put more effort into finding a source of caffeine than finding an interesting or creative blip …. so this is part of the JetBlue advertising at JFK airport.

Since moving to NY from Australia I have had a few troubles with thongs …. namely getting embarrassed looks from Americans when I’m telling a story that involves how comfortable or cool my thongs are. Now I’m very conscious that in Australia thongs are our preferred national footwear, but in America it is the term used for G-strings. So here is my photo of Flip Flops.

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After the rain …


Morning showers followed by an amazing rainbow, then attempts at sunshine ….. the steps down from our holiday house to the beach.

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Urchin-a-rama …


A collection of sea urchin shells from our morning walk along the beach.

A national holiday in Puerto Rico today so the beaches were filled with big groups of family & friends ….. all in for the long haul with eskies, BBQ’s, bassinets, and lots of rum. Loud music, dancing and lots of colour made it a very festive day.

However, it seems fabric for making bikinis must be very expensive over here as there is really not much to them!

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Far from the madding crowd …


Spent the afternoon at Crash Boat Beach in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico … named because it was the site of an old military port where Air Force boats would wait to rescue downed pilots during WW11.

The remnants of old piers of rusting steel and broken concrete made a wonderful place for all the local kids to jump into the water below. Lots of bravado and showing off, but I chose to capture this kid sitting quietly on a lonely bit of pier, contemplating the scene and maybe gathering his courage to make a spectacular jump of his own.

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