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Mirror, mirror …


.… on the wall, who is the sweatiest of them all? You know your morning gym class have worked hard when we have steamed up all the mirrors.

And if I’m being honest …. they were someone else’s weights in the photo. I use a more girlie 10lb set.

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Oh Lola …


We have left our youth back in Australia. Well, actually it’s our attempt at keeping young …. our bright green 1976 Kombi named Lola. We didn’t think the streets of New York were the place for her, so we have left her at my parent’s house until we return home.

However, the kids do have a Lego version in NY.

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Then there were 3 …


Watched my son’s basketball game this afternoon and at halftime the whole team was shooting baskets at a furious pace. Just about to capture the 2 balls perfectly aligned, then a third one snuck into the photo as well.

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W I N T E R …


This scene up at Prospect Park this morning pretty much just spells winter to me. A very limited palette of colours, despite the little pockets of pale sunshine making a feeble appearance.

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Happy Australia Day …


Despised by everyone outside of Australia, Vegemite has become our culinary icon and has always been a staple of the Australian school lunch box.

Dug into the snow on our verandah in NY, it seems a little out of its natural habitat.

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Keeping an eye on the Big Apple …


Walking down around the Brooklyn Bridge this morning and came upon this great half frozen pond with water bubbling up from below.

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Park …


I walk past this shop most days, but since joining blipfoto earlier this week I’m looking at everything with a keener eye and assessing its potential for a photo. The sunlight and snow made it look different this morning. This is part of the shop’s name above the awning ….. Trailer Park (an eclectic shop that sells vintage home furnishings and Amish-made furniture).

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Snow beetle …


Found a sprightly old VW Beetle parked on a street near home.

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Nothing but blue skies …


Manhattan had 11 inches of snow yesterday, but by lunchtime today it was just dirty slush after all the snow ploughs, traffic and commuter feet. Much nicer view looking directly up.

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Wheels …


A splash of colour and whimsy as the beginnings of a snowstorm starts to blanket New York.

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Interrogation …


Showing remarkable patience, my husband sat under the bright light while I practiced taking his portrait. Maybe it’s payback for all the hours I’ve spent standing on a beach taking photos of him surfing?

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Giacometti at the Met …


After a morning spent wandering around the Met Museum it was hard to choose just one favourite …. maybe the simplicity of Giacometti’s sculptures earns them this spot, despite some tough competition.

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